Why this Website?

This website is to serve as a reminder that we were champions and to never let the dream die. We will always have this website to remind us where it all started. At this point, we want to acknowledge where fantasy football is headed over the next 10 years. Embrace the future and find your place in the new fantasy football world.

The Future of Fantasy Football

Over 33 million people are playing fantasy football on Yahoo, ESPN & CBS free fantasy leagues. Friends get together, create a 10 or 12 person league, chip in a nominal fee and spend one billion hours talking smack and adjusting lineups to win enough to buy a Burger King milk shake. The value of your hours spent are less than nothing, but it’s hella fun. We don’t think these leagues are going anywhere, but the future is upon us. The future is Daily and weekly fantasy money leagues.

Why? Because you can play on demand in leagues for high stakes cash and the contest finishes within a day or one week. Instant gratification and you can win $1,000,000 in less than a week. According to dailyfantasycafe.com, over 500 million dollars was paid out in 2014 by these leagues such as DraftKings & FanDuel. If you are ready to get started, we recommend Draftkings. Make sure to use a draftkings promo code on sign up. The codes are only good on your initial deposit, but provide nice bonuses. That’s some serious hard cold cash and it’s only going to grow. Over the coming years, we see millions of people making a mass exodus to these leagues. Why not? It’s fun, fast and you have the opportunity to make yourself rich. There are tournaments in other sports as well. During the football offseason, you can play in basketball, baseball, hockey and golf tourneys. Check out some of the current tournaments going on now below. Join in and be a part of the fantasy future.